Real Win-Win Property Solutions

Despite the ups and downs of the real estate market, there is always one constant: people with property problems.

There are those families who have outgrown their home and need more space and there are couples whose kids have left home and want to downsize. There are the newly divorced singles who can no longer handle their payments without the advantage of two paychecks. Some people need to relocate because of their job, and they have to sell their old house before they can buy a new one in their new city. Sometimes a changing economy negatively affects a particular industry and that in turn impacts the people who make their living in that industry. No matter what the reason, a decrease in income is often why many people can no longer afford their homes.

Sometimes in an effort to get their price, people hold out longer than they should, and later discover in retrospect that they would have done better to accept the offer that they thought was too low, many months before.

When facing foreclosure, most people ultimately decide to sell, but often it is too late to get the price they want. As time goes on, they have fewer and fewer options. Losing a home to foreclosure often results in both damaged credit as well as a deficiency judgment that will make home ownership nearly impossible in the future.

Relatives who inherit a property often live far away and have no desire to undertake the responsibility of the management, and so they prefer to sell.

Frequently, when a person dies, their spouse may not be able to face living in the house anymore.

Creative solutions exist for every property problem. A real estate investor who is focused on providing service will find inspired ways to help homeowners solve their problems by providing real WIN-WIN property solutions that benefit both sides.

Here are some WIN-WIN strategies:

· Cash Offer A buyer pays a fair price and closes quickly and helps the homeowner get relief fast.

· Short Sale In cases of pre-foreclosure, when the homeowner is in default, the lender may accept less than the full payoff of the loan. This is called a short sale, and if a buyer can negotiate a good discount with the lender, he can help the homeowner avoid the foreclosure as well as the deficiency judgment. Here the bank, the seller and the buyer all benefit.

· Wholesaling The buyer is looking to acquire the property at a low price and then resell it to another investor at a slightly higher price, but low enough that there is still enough equity in the deal to be profitable. Here all three parties benefit.

· Take the Property “Subject To” its existing debt. In some markets, a homeowner who cannot sell his home may be willing to deed his property to a buyer who will take over the payments on his loan. This strategy relieves the homeowner of his obligation, while at the same time allows the buyer to acquire the home without having to qualify for new financing.

· Lease Option In this case the buyer leases the property with an option to buy it at a later date. For the homeowner this provides him with immediate cash flow and may be just the solution he needs if he has been unable to sell his home and get his price in the current market.

In today’s marketplace, a growing number of real estate experts are offering creative solutions to homeowners with these special needs. My passion is discovering the best possible solution, in a variety of scenarios. A no-cost consultation with someone who does what I do may help you discover your real win-win property solution!