Features of a Good Online Real Estate Listings and Property Solutions Web Portal

Real Estate & Property Solutions is one of the most tedious domains of Asset Development, Finance, Management & Financial Earnings or Outgoings for any individual, agent, developer, corporate or even a bank or a financial institution. With financial pundits & advisors extolling the virtues of a good asset for financial wealth, real estate development; marketing, management etc. is now playing an ever-growing role for today’s financial health & success. So also with NRI inflows FII funds inflows, the own a property in India label has become one of the must-haves for financial revenue & good returns on one’s investments.

Thus there is an ever-growing need for a 360 degree agency with global offices, financial & legal experts, finance tie-ups and value added services to cater to the various needs of the relevant segments in this domain i.e. renters, landlords, tenants, sellers, buyers, developers, investors, corporates etc. so that the deal/s is a win-win situation for all.

Thus some of the prime features of a good online real estate listings & property solutions web portal are

– 360 degree real estate, property & finance services

It must encompass all the aspects of real estate and property domains

– Real time projects & market information

It must provide users with the impacting market information & upcoming projects.

– A good user interface to enhance the user experience.

It must be designed well to enhance the user experience on the web with good layout, links & images.

– Tie-ups with quality projects & a comprehensive database of properties

Quality of the real estate project listings must be maintained.

– Tie-up with a financial investment firm for finance solutions

A good reputed Private Finance firm must be partnered for to look after the finance aspects of its users.

– In-house Online experts in valuations, property marketing, property management etc.

It must also have a ready repository of experts in the related real estate services.

– Tailor made solutions to each segment of users

It must also offer customised solutions to each user segment as their needs & requirements are separate

– Expertise in garnering & presenting market information of property markets

Research & Analysis of the market updates and environment must be provided.

– Forecasting expertise

It must provide Forecasting tools or trends to the stakeholders so that beneficial financial & commercial decisions can be taken.

– Advisory services for Optimising Property value to all stake-holders in the online sphere.

They must advise their registered clients with various advisory services so as to enhance the marketability of their properties.

– Instant handling of online queries, requests etc.

A good mechanism for handling user queries & requests must be present like email, dedicated phone line, Call Centre support etc.

Besides these the Web portal must

– Be Fast & speedy in rendering through the listings

– Be Optimised for lead capturing

– Have Alerts for the desired user as per requirement

– Have a News section for real time alerts

– Have Timely Expert tips & advices as required by the users

– Have an Appropriate members area for the various users

– Have New age channels of communication like email, toll free number, SMS contact etc.

ReliancePropertySolutions.co.in is one of the most complete and reputed real estate listings & property solutions web portal in India which has been recently relaunched for the market. Their team & related services teams are proficient in providing Online services for the respective aspects of their web portal like Valuation, Investment, Finance etc. They are backed by the partner firms of their Parent firm Reliance Capital as well as their sibling firms of the Reliance ADAG group.

Land Surveying Real Estate and Property

Understanding how to properly identify a Jamaica property is vital in any sales transaction. Property identification in general relates to the identification of a lot or parcel of land on ground. This is an important issue when it comes to purchasing Jamaica property and fundamental if you intend to buy homes in Montego Bay Jamaica. All parties involves should know where the property is located before any negotiations is started and all boundaries are clearly outlined.

For the salesman property identification would be confined only to a rough identification of the lot or parcel to a prospective purchaser that would suffice to aid his or her decision whether or not to purchase the property.

When the sale is one that involves a financial institution for the purposes of a mortgage, that entity will usually require a Commissioned Land Surveyor to inspect the property, verifying its very existence, as the possibility of a fraudulent title cannot be ruled out The Surveyor will then prepare a Surveyor’s Report, which confirms:

(1) That the land mentioned and described in the title is in fact situated at the location stated in the title. For example, homes for sale Montego Bay Rose Hall, St James and the civic address assigned to the property.

(2) That the measurements of the boundaries given on the title agree or disagrees with the measurements obtained on the ground;

(3) The state and condition of the physical boundaries, if any

(4) Whether there are any easements affecting the property

(5) The breach, if any, of the restrictive covenants endorsed in the title

(6) The number of buildings on the land and that they are properly sited thereon. The report contains a sketch supporting the above.

This is key when you intend to buy homes in Montego Bay Jamaica. For an effective and positive identification of the property, a map of the area is required as well as the Deposited Plan (D. P.), in instances where the property is a part of a subdivision. The correct procedure is to identify the nearest road intersection to the parcel, and by using measurements given in the plan, the first corner of the lot can be identified on the ground. In the case of single parcels in urbanized townships, the measurement to the nearest intersection is usually stated on the plan. From this point the general location of the boundaries of the property can be identified using the remainder of the measurements given on the plan.

In the property identification process, the salesman should be careful not to give the impression that this is a rigorous location of the boundaries, even if fence exists. The fences may be incorrect and this is a case for only the Surveyor to state. The salesman job is to say “this is lot”.

In rural areas where the title plans of properties state only “from” and “to” where any adjoining Main or Parochial roads leads, some correlation of the plan with the map must be identified, for example, the bends of the roads. In the absence of this, the situation will exist where effective property identification is even more complex and a dependence on the locals and the use of adjoining owners’ information is now the only solution to properly identifying the location of the property. Colin Scott helps all members who are a part of the industry and many other individuals who want to buy homes in Montego Bay Jamaica to identify property boundaries.

Real Estate Sales Software Solutions For Dynamic Businesses

Looking for real estate software solutions that fulfill your unique business needs? Modern real estate sales software solutions are extremely dynamic and especially crafted to meet unique business requirements. These cognitive solutions are helpful to improve business growth and produce effective insightful knowledge for the key decision takers. These are by far the most evolved systems that can deliver accurate results without compromising quality and business standards. Qualified real estate consultants and property developers who have joined experience of years rely on these insightful solutions and their associated tools.

In fact, these especially crafted real estate software solutions are well-intentioned, technically upgraded and financially secure for wide scale usage. Property developers choose it because it is good fit for their business and helps them to get more sales. Indeed, it is an investment for them. It is also responsible for empowering real estate businesses by eminently producing high-quality, qualified lead & business analytics. These specialised solutions are all built on technologies & platforms that can extend flexibility and high-end functionality for the businesses.

These business solutions are right sized & intrinsically perfect for the different level of business needs and definitely offer a choice of out-of-the-box customer service. The best thing is that such solutions are for small-size and large size businesses. It helps them to work effectively, accelerate business performance, improve business performance and grow easily and all with a high degree of scalability and reliability. Property investors often rely on dynamic real estate solutions to get real business insights, dynamics for informed business decision-making simply and easier than ever before.

This level of automation and customisation undeniably enhances the corporate value, its overall competency and real-time growth through its suitable advanced features such as initiative-driven analytics, basic reporting, lead nurturing, financials, sales conversion feature, email marketing, customer relationship management, business process management and database security features. It dramatically enables property agents and developers to differentiate themselves across industry competitors.

In short, if you want to take less business risks, ensure excellent growth & development and want to do all your business-wide operations using one centralised platform that is fast, secure and powerful than real estate software solutions are the best answer. So, if you want to create business value, define operational priorities, grow sales distribution channel as well as focus your business for continuous improvement in a unique, competitive manner then you must consider a well-intentioned, trustworthy, technically perfect real estate software solution.

The author is associated with inProperty. It is an IT solution provider, offering a complete real estate software [http://www.inproperty.com/index.php/real-estate-software-solution] & construction management software solutions that is ideal for property developers, builders & agents. Property management software helps grow sales distribution channels and helps managing contracts & sales process automatically.