Energy Performance Certificates For Houses In Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are legal documents often needed for the sale of newly constructed or existing houses in Belfast, Northern Ireland. You will find this information everywhere on the internet.

If you are a homeowner and you are selling your house, there are essential details that you should know about Energy Performance Certificatesfor houses for sale in Northern Ireland. This article will provide answers to all the quintessential and frequently asked questions about EPCs.

What Do the Energy Performance Certificates Show?

The EPC an official document that indicates the rating of building in regards to its energy efficiency. It also records the carbon emission of the building. It shows the energy efficiency of building in a range of A to G. A house with rank A indicates that it is very efficient, while rank G shows it is the least efficient. It also includes recommendations for improvements and their approximate costs.

When Is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) required?

The Energy Performance Certificate is a legit document required for houses in Northern Ireland. Energy Performance Certificates are needed before a building is sold or rented out. Energy Performance Certificate is the first requirement if you are marketing your property for sale or to let. You must provide an EPC and recommendation report to any prospective buyers or tenants.

What Does the Law Say About EPCs and How Long Are EPCs Valid for?

The Government of Northern Ireland introduced Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for houses on the 30th of June 2008. On the 30th of December 2008, the Northern Ireland Assembly passed a law and EPCs became mandatory for marketed dwellings.

Only Accredited Domestic Energy Assessors can produce valid Energy Performance Certificates. They will enter the details of the Energy Performance Certificates onto the Northern Ireland register. You can access a copy of your Energy Performance Certificate through the EPC search facility on the EPC NI Register.

Each EPC is valid for ten years. You can use EPCs many times during these ten years. But after that, it will no longer be applicable. If you do not have an EPC of your house you may risk a fine.

What Are the Penalties for Not Having an EPC?

If you do not have an Energy Performance Certificate for your building, you may could be fined. The EPC requirement is policed by the District Council. A fine of £200 to £5000 though as of November 2020 no homeowner is known to have been fined.

If you do not provide your client with a copy of EPC, they can register a complaint against you.